About the SETS project

The development of skills for green and digital jobs is crucial to ensuring an efficient transition to a green economy by matching supply and demand for skills. It is also vital in helping workers adjust to a rapidly changing workplace.

Green and digital skills from one side help to understand the issue of twin green and digital transitions and, on the other, they enable the development of environmentally friendly solutions in production, consumption and investment processes, creating and offering environmental products and services.

SETS proposal is to run 6 pilot training courses with a sample of trainees’ representative of the final target audiences.

two re-skilling courses

(one in France and one in Slovenia)

four up-skilling courses

(two in France and two in Slovenia)

The project activities will be strictly monitored through a specific ICT-driven impact assessment & management methodology, to future scale-up of the project outcomes through other funds (i.e. Cohesion Funds, EIT, Joint interprofessional funds) and leverage its potential among several private and public stakeholders. The partnership thus intends to incorporate the lessons learnt during the impact assessment into a key deliverable – the final policy recommendations.

The project will have the potential to stimulate the production and strengthening of effective innovative policies and practices at EU level regarding the development of impact-driven educational programmes for the benefit of SEOs. The certification of the sets of competencies identified guarantees reciprocal recognition among different Member States.

SETS project is strictly connected with the Blueprint Alliances of the Social Economy Ecosystem: baSE – Blueprint for advanced skills & training in the social economy and B-WISE – Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills in Work Integration Social Enterprises, both relying to European Year of Skills 2023 and to the Pact for skills for Proximity and Social Economy.


Giulia Georg

Project manager

Francesco de Rosa

Head of Fund Rising and Grants Development

Alessia Sebillo

Executive Director

Afonso Araújo

Project manager

Claudia Matera

Chief Development Officer - Deputy CEO

Aris Tufexis

Project manager

Enrico Sabatini

Project manager

Mateja Karničnik

Project manager

Edoardo Cortesi

PhD candidate

Federico Bartolomucci

Research assistant

Clarisse Blanc

Project manager

Jeanne Bretécher

Chairwoman of Social Good Accelerator